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Exercise: Create a webpage on

In the previous tutorial we already hosted a simple index.html file with "Hello World" text. We will further develop on this repository and create a better webpage to display your bio.

Problem statement: What do we want to achieve ?

This is the bio page we will try to mimic. As you can see there are a few components we want to update first.

  • Title
  • Profile images
  • Bio text

Modifying HTML Template

Lets get started

  1. Download the sample_index.html file The sample html file for this page is available here

    To download this file we will fire command wget

    # cd to your local repo directory 
    # download the file from link using wget 

    This will download this sample_index.html file to you current directory. Now we want to make this our index.html.

    # delete existing index.html 
    rm index.html
    mv sample_index.html index.html
    # check if all went well 
  2. Update index.html with your image, text and email Now we are ready to modify this file and update the images, Bio text and email addresses. For beginners I have created some placeholders inside this file for you to update. Lets open the index.html file in nano editor.

    First update the title of your webpage. Replace the text [YOUR-NAME] with some text/ name of your choice.


    Now lets change your profile image. To do this first you need to find the url of an image you want to put. Easiest way is it to go to your linkedin profile and open your profile image in new tab. Copy the image URL from browser address bar and then paste it in the HTML. There two occurrences of the text [YOUR_MEDIA_IMAGE_LINK] wrapped within a <img> tag. Example below.

    <img src="[YOUR_MEDIA_IMAGE_LINK]" alt="my face" class="Introduction-image u-photo">

    Replace the text [YOUR_MEDIA_IMAGE_LINK] with the profile image link from linkedin. Alternatively you can find some other image from some other hosting platform like facebook, google+ etc. Just make sure the image url is publicly accessible. ( Open an incognito window in chrome and try to access the link.)

    Similarly update the email id by replacing text in [YOUR_EMAIL]]. There are a total of 4 occurrences of this tags

     <a href="mailto:[YOUR_EMAIL]" class="u-email">[YOUR_EMAIL]</a>

    Finally update your bio text that are contained here

        Hi, I'm <a href="#" class="u-url u-uid p-name">Konfuzed Banda</a> </h1>
    <p> I'm the CTO and one of the Co-Founders at A Company. I like things on Github as well. </p>
  3. Sync this with repo.

    git add --all 
    git commit --all 
    # write a commit message
    # now sync these updates with github repo 
    git push

    We are all set to view our bio page at with updated picture and information.

  1. Update the social links for Instagram, Linkedin, GitHub with your own links by replacing the # in the href= tags

    <li class="SocialList-item"><a href="#" rel="me">LinkedIn</a> </li>
    <li class="SocialList-item"> <a href="#" rel="me">Instagram</a> </li>
    <li class="SocialList-item"> <a href="#" rel="me">GitHub</a> </li>
  2. Update the navigation links on top right in the same way. Replace the text or # in the href= tags with approproate links to your pages.

    <li class="Navigation-listItem">
        <a href="site/about" class="Navigation-link">About</a> </li>
    <li class="Navigation-listItem">
        <a href="#" class="Navigation-link">Articles</a> </li>
    <li class="Navigation-listItem"> 
        <a href="#" class="Navigation-link">Notes</a> </li>
    <li class="Navigation-listItem">
        <a href="#" class="Navigation-link">Bookmarks</a> </li>
    <li class="Navigation-listItem"> 
        <a href="#" class="Navigation-link">Contact</a> </li>

    A <a> link tag has 2 main items.

    • the href= link and
    • the display text. Examples below

    Here the "site/about" is the link and "About" is the display text.

    <a href="site/about" class="Navigation-link">About</a> </li>

    Here "#" is the link and "LinkedIn" is the display text.

    <a href="#" rel="me">LinkedIn</a> </li>