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Towshif Ali


About me

  • hello this is towshif
  • I am here to create
  • I am working on a project

My Projects

Heading 2

include <stdio.h>

int main () {
    printf("This is a demo"); 
    return 0; 

Welcome to StackEdit!

Hey! I'm your first Markdown document in StackEdit[^1]. Don't delete me, I'm here to help! I can be recovered anyway in the Utils tab of the Settings dialog.


enter image description here

StackEdit stores your documents in your browser, which means all your documents are automatically saved locally and are accessible offline!


  • StackEdit is accessible offline after the application has been loaded for the first time.
  • Your local documents are not shared between different browsers or computers.
  • Clearing your browser's data may delete all your local documents! Make sure your documents are synchronized with Google Drive or Dropbox (check out the Synchronization section).

Create a document

The document panel is accessible using the button in the navigation bar. You can create a new document by clicking New document in the document panel.

Switch to another document

All your local documents are listed in the document panel. You can switch from one to another by clicking a document in the list or you can toggle documents using Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+].

Rename a document

You can rename the current document by clicking the document title in the navigation bar.

Delete a document

You can delete the current document by clicking Delete document in the document panel.

Export a document

You can save the current document to a file by clicking Export to disk from the menu panel.

Tip: Check out the Publish a document section for a description of the different output formats.